Our Annual Plan

​​​​​​​​​​St Joachim's School Annual Plan 

2023 School Annual Plan.pdf

We are a Christ-centred community empowering our learners through faith, respect, and service.

School Vision

Through our words and actions, we will live our vision by;

  • ​celebrating our faith in God
  • respecting God, self, others, and creation
  • enriching our community through service.

School Values

At St Joachim's we believe that the essential focus of our school is the overall development of each child according to the needs and potential of the individual.  We strive to provide a curriculum that will enable the child to grow in knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values.  At St Joachim's we believe that learning and teaching are: Inclusive; Supportive; Collaborative; Respectful; Purposeful and Meaningful.

Strong Catholic Identity

Objective 1

Within St Joachim's the Jesus Story, encompassing the Josephite Charism, is visually evident through our values, culture, and practices.

Objective 2

The school community shares a deep understanding of a contemporary, re-contextualised, Catholic worldview.

Excellent Learning and Teaching

Objective 1

There exists a consistent, school-wide approach to analysing and discussing collected data on literacy and numeracy to inform planning, target teaching and improve student outcomes.

Objective 2

The school works to maintain a learning environment that is safe, respectful, tolerant, and inclusive, and is driven by a deep belief that every student is capable of successful learning.

Objective 3

The school has a coherent, sequenced plan for curriculum delivery that embeds evidence-based teaching practices, assessment, and reporting procedures.

Building a Sustainable Future

Objective 1

The school is building teacher capacity by working to develop a culture of continuous professional improvement and encouraging staff to take an active leadership role beyond the classroom.

Objective 2

The school applies its resources (personnel, financial and physical) in a targeted manner to meet the learning and well-being needs of all staff and students through flexible structures and processes.

Objective 3

Parents and families are recognised as integral members of the school community and are partners in their children's education.​