School Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Policies and Guidelines


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Mission Religious Education Policy

Learning Teaching Policy

SJCP-1082.jpgStrategic Resourcing Policy

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St Joachim’s Community Values and Relationship Guidelines

​​Behaviour Management Procedures 

As a Catholic School, within the Archdiocese of Brisbane, St Joachim’s places great importance on seeking to develop our children to their full potential. St Joachim’s works as a school community, towards a school-wide approach to teaching our students the importance of being responsible, respectful and safe. This is known as PB4L or Positive Behaviour for Learning Approach.

The Positive Behaviour for Learning Approach is a research evidence-based framework and process for schools to organise their systems, practices and use of data in the area of student behaviour. At St Joachim’s we look to define, teach, and support appropriate student behaviours. The theoretical and conceptual understandings of PB4Learning are firmly linked to Behavioural Theory and Applied Behavioural Analysis.

Under the guidance of the school leadership team, the PB4Learning Team has been established at St Joachim’s with its primary focus on supporting student behaviour through the creation of a positive learning environment.

There are three whole school expectations at St Joachim’s:

  • Be Respectful
  • Be a Learner
  • Be Safe

These have been agreed upon by staff, students and parents and are outlined in the School Expectations Matrix. They are aligned with the School’s Learning Dispositions of cooperation, optimism, persistence, resilience and risk-taking.

Explicit teaching of behaviours for learning occurs at St Joachim’s both inside and outside the classroom setting through examples, non-examples, role play, visuals (such as Joey, the school mascot), and checking for understanding.

Encouraging the expected behaviours occurs through specific positive feedback such as classroom rewards and Joey’s Brightest Star Awards presented during the weekly school assembly.

Discouraging and responding to inappropriate behaviours is responsive to student needs and is an opportunity for teachers to explicitly teach and a student to learn through instruction, consequences involving re-teaching, feedback and encouragement. When required, students will complete a Working it Out Plan. This plan helps students to identify what it was that they were doing, which was not in line with the school expectations, and what they should have been doing.

Administration will use the engage online database to monitor students’ behaviour and drive plans and programs to assist with the positive management of student behaviour. The data may relate to individual students, groups of students or particular areas of the school.

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