Sports Day 2015

In August we held our annual Sports Day. The day certainly lived up to its reputation of being a highlight in the school calendar, and one that showcases the talent of our wonderful students. And I am not only speaking about their ability to run, throw and jump. Throughout the day we saw students demonstrate their talents in a multitude of ways. There were students who were encouraging of others; students demonstrating their natural leadership abilities by taking the lead when required; and, students who overcame their nervousness and anxiety to challenge themselves and put themselves on the start line knowing full well they were not the fastest.

All students are equally important at our school, and whether placed first or eighth, they are to be congratulated for their attitude and willingness to have a go. I am so fortunate to be a principal of a Catholic school community that focuses on providing opportunities for all students to demonstrate their gifts and talents.

Chris Thomas
August 2015