Proposed Playground Plan

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We are finally able to release the concept plans for our new playground.  Construction should begin in Term 2.  After consultation with students, staff and parents we have worked with our landscape architect to include a number of the suggested elements.  It will be so interesting to have this space divided into different, sensory outside rooms.  We will have timber decking around the trees for seating and performances.  A dry creek bed 

with a water pump will create a digging patch for those students who enjoy playing imaginatively. The suspension bridge, balance beams and monkey bars will deliver gross motor opportunities for students to develop their balance and upper body strength.  An outdoor musical area where an audience can sit and listen to a performance will provide another sensory room.  We hope that our final area will be looked after by all students under the guidance of the environmental group.  We will grow vegetables and herbs, citrus trees and be able to collect eggs from the chickens in the henhouse.  In creating this fabulous space we will truly define the entrance to our school from Crown Street, with new gates and by relocating the industrial bins to the other end of the hall.  Our community has been looking forward to creating this exciting space for many years.  What a tremendous Stage One of our five-year landscaping plan. ​

Click below to download and view Proposed Playground Plan​ in detail.
St Joachim's Proposed Playground Plan.pdfSt Joachim's Proposed Playground Plan.pdf