Cross Country Carnival 2015

​In May each year, after weeks of hard training, all of our students walk to Mott Park for the School Cross Country Carnival.  Days like these remind me what makes St Joachim’s such a great school.

Whilst I congratulate those runners who won their races, I wholeheartedly congratulate all runners who gave their best on the day. In each race there was an example of our mission statement alive and well. Words like: respect for self and others, inclusive, accepting and nurturing, resilience, individuality and a sense of purpose were clearly evident in our students and staff all day.

Our teachers are to be congratulated for orchestrating opportunities like this each and every day during literacy, numeracy, dance, PE and many other lessons. 

I hope Friday was a unique view into the school we, as the staff, are privileged to see every day.


Chris Thomas
May 2015