Extra Curricular Activities

Environmental_Club.jpgOpportunities outside the Key Learning Areas exist for students to pursue their interests. St Joachim’s School offers the following extra-curricula activities:

  • Craft
  • Choir
  • Inter-school netball
  • Inter-school soccer
  • Inter-school league oztag
  • Cross-country and athletics
  • AFL, netball, hockey and cricket clinics
  • Swimming
  • FlippaBall (modified water polo)
  • Dance lessons
  • Lunch time clubs - games, writing, coding and robotic, enviromental, sporting, book, debating
  • Sporting competitions such as skipping, soccer and handball
  • Years 5 & 6 Camp
  • Instrumental music program including piano, guitar, violin and band instruments
  • Speech and Drama
  • StJoac2-1066.jpg

(acoustic or electric)
Contact Details:
Mr Ben Hoult
Mobile: 0415 251 954
Email: ben.hoult@hotmail.com
Website: http://benhoult.wix.com/guitarlessons

Contact Details:
Mrs Sharyn Cooper
Email: sharyncooper@bigpond.com

Speech and Drama
Contact Details:
Mrs Maria Elisseos
Phone: 3848 1246
Mobile: 0419 663 650

Percussion (drum kit, orchestral, auxiliary and tuned percussion)
Contact Details:
Becky Meimaris

Phone: 0424 901 506
Email: beckymeimaris@gmail.com

Woodwind and Brass
Conta​ct Details
Tamaryn Heck
Phone: 0415 841 647
Email: tamaryn.heck@hotmail.com

Conta​ct Details
Lauren McGrath​​
Phone: 0478 079 631
Email: laurensmusicstudio@gmail.com