Class Representatives

​The Class Representatives are parent volunteers who assist in developing and nurturing the community spirit we enjoy here at St Joachim’s.

At St Joachim’s we endeavour to make new families feel welcome and secure and feel part of a larger community.

The Class Representatives provide opportunities for families in the same year level group to socialise a couple of times a year to get to know each other. They show the community’s support for one another by acknowledging new babies, expressing sympathy and offering assistance during difficult times. The Representatives also facilitate communication between the families and the school.

Class Representatives – Role Description


  • Formulate the class contact list and circulate (via email) to all parents.
  • Forward completed class list to Class Representative Coordinator.
  • The reps use the year level contact list to communicate information or ask for help if required.


  • When a new family joins the class throughout the year introduce them to the other families via email, in person or with a morning tea.
  • If a family member becomes ill or a new baby is born, communicate this with parents in your year level. You might like to organise a meal roster for them or offer to help with pickups or drop offs.


  • Organise social functions e.g. play in the park


  • Send an initial welcome letter and invite parents to ask questions.
  • On a needs basis communicate support for P&F activities e.g. disco, Welcome BBQ, Fete